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our Most Reliable Source for All Your Lumber Needs

At York Building Supplies, we offer a large selection of lumber for all your construction and home improvement needs. For years, we have been serving the homeowners and contractors in Ontario and the many parts of Canada with high-quality building supplies at affordable prices. We have a large inventory of products to support all your construction needs, be it simple home improvement work or large-scale commercial projects.

Excellent service and 100% customer satisfaction is our top-most priority! We always strive to provide you superior grade lumber as per Canadian quality standards. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable sales team is available anytime to listen to your requirement and help you choose the right products at the best possible prices.

Why Choose Lumber Over Other Materials?

Environmental-Friendly Option – Unlike the commonly used building materials, wood offers many environmental advantages because of its low energy consumption and low CO2 emission.

Efficient – Wood is a sustainable material, so building with wood can be completed faster than its other alternatives.

Less Expensive – Wood is one building material that is easily affordable for everyone. Unlike other building materials that require high costs to maintain and repair, wood is a recommended less expensive option.

Readily Available – Wood, being a natural resource, is readily available to your demands and can be delivered faster than the other alternatives.

Insulation Properties – Wood has the advantage of providing good insulation from the cold. It is also perfect to be used as a sound proof option because of its natural sound absorption quality.

Electrical Resistance – Wood has a natural quality of being electrical and heat resistant and is preferred by most homeowners as a healthy building material.

If you’re looking to buy hardwood lumber at affordable prices, look no more! Contact us today for a quick quote by calling us at 905-428-5120 or email us your requirement at